Thursday, July 26, 2007

Screw You Billy Penn

So I've been alive for a little bit over 22 years. I have never been apart of a Philadelphia sports championship era. They were all before me. And right when the Phillies give me some hope (especially when I'm living in Mets territory) Billy Penn has to rear his ugly face around our neck of the woods. Chase Utley, one of the best players in the league...broken hand...right when we're fighting for the playoffs...when we have no pitching and are relying on our bats. I will admit, this year's team is doing far beyond what I thought they were doing. Rowand is having a remarkable year. Rollins keeps building from his year before. Howard started off slow, but since he came back from the DL, he's been tearing the ball into shreds. And Utley, well he is leading the league in almost every offensive category. Beyond that, who do we have? Wes Helms? Rod Barahas? PAT BURREL?? We've been winning games with the front half of our line up and pretty much nothing else. Our pitching is either full of rookies or has beens (What the hell are you doing back here Mesa? Honestly, who thought up this grand scheme to bring him back?).

They are projecting Utley to be out from 3-6 weeks. Him being out 3-6 games is too many. I'm sorry to say, but without Utley, I do not think the Phillies can make that playoff run. Don't get me wrong, I will still root my ass off for them. I will be there for a number of the Phillies/Mets series at Shea (where Utley will hopefully be in the Lineup). But these games without him in the roster is going to hurt the team more than anyone realizes (and if you do realize, then god bless your soul).

Sorry for so many parentheses. And sorry for no entertaining posts. Though I'm not too sorry cause I doubt anyone really reads this. I am working on a post about the ways to survive the NY life on 500 bucks a month, so look soon for that. It should b e up within the next week.


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