Friday, January 11, 2008

The Year of Cake

So as I sat here on a Friday night in the middle of Janurary in the begining of 08 folding laundry, playing Tony Hawk on N64 and drinking beers by myself, I started to wonder, how the hell did I get here? Then as I turned on the TV and saw shows like I Love New York and A Shot of Love with Tequila whatever and I realized that though I am very Pro-Life, I understand why aboritions are still around because it still gives us normal people hope that these people don't have to exsist if we don't want them to. In one of the new episodes of Law & Order, there was a topic of a scientist being able to find a "gay gene" and the episode revolved around how this one dad wanted to abort his son because his family had the supposed "gay gene" and he didn't want a gay son. You know how crazy awesome it would be if we could find a "will be an abomination to the human race and will set everyone back 10 years" gene? Think about all the good it could do. Our specieces could move forward without any advancements. Just the fact that we could get rid of some of these people would probably just make people feel better, be kinder to each other, or at least put a hop in people's step. Either way, I may dedicate my life to finding that gene.

So it's the new year. The Year of Cake (as me and Jake labeled it as my ex-girlfriend drove us home from Maryland - a hopefully totally separate story to be told later). Basically, with this being the Year of Cake, you must either learn to make, learn more about, or, as the route I'm going to take, eat more cake. There is no real reason behind this, except that it was funny at the time and it will become a year-long-drug-out-joke-that-is-funny-to-no-one.

The only thing I can say about the new year is I'm going to have some hilarious (at least to me) things to talk about that I'm not at liberty to write just yet (tales of extortion, booze-till-you-lose, and hummers - the cars and the, well...).

So here we go, 2008....starting in Red Headed Cyberspace on January 12th apparently since I haven't posted in a real long time.

I promise some goodness soon...

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