Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Challenge

So since I've been here, I've been working out about 3-4 times a week. Lifting, running, the usual. My pants fit somewhat better and I feel better. The one thing that is not happening is I can't see it, in the mirror or on the scale. I am still hovering around 195. My goal is to get down to my pre-college weight, a crisp 180. Now I do not want to do this where I loose the 15 pounds, say hoo-ray like most of those people on the weight loss shows and then gain it all back. I also want to gain muscle, hence why I'm lifting. So this weight loss thing is going to be a bit of a pain. But, I'm going to experiment.

I am not for vegetarians, at least the ones who go on and on about how killing innocent animals is cruel and all that mumbo jumbo. If a cheetah was not an endangered species, I'd eat the shit out of one of those things because you damn well know that he would do the same to me if I were in the wild with it. But they go on and on about how cows and chickens are so innocent. Well guess what veggies, so are the plants you are eating. When it comes down to it, both are living things, and when one person eats it, it dies. It's called the food chain, so get with it.

I love meat, but although I have a great distaste for vegetarians, I'm going to actually join them, for at least one week. I will keep my protein up with a bunch of peanut butter and other foods, but I am going to see how much weight I lose by keeping the same work out schedule. And, if I make it past one week and think I can go on, I'll try another week. The only time I will be eating meat is if I am out off campus at a party or something any other event where it would be rude of me not to eat what is served (as in the party I am going to tomorrow). I do still believe meat is good for you, but not the stuff they serve here at school. This is imitation and disgusting and I think it does not benefit me to eat everyday. I could go out and get my own meat, but I am poor (I am working 5 night shifts at the dorms just to make some extra money).

So we're going to keep track of this, one week at a time. I will keep an update anytime I find it hard to fight the urge/fall off my plan/find something funny in the gym, like me dealing with the football team who just arrived yesterday.

Until next time,

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