Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mistro Please

Two posts in one night after a several week absence? Strange right?

Anyway, after doing a rant over the comedy and music industry, I'd like to rave about one of my favorite things in music: when bands play with orchestras. It's the best. If those bands i talked about in the last post who charge tons of money used that extra money to tote an orchestra, I'd be slightly less angry at them and possibly praise them. Today I downloaded an Eric Clapton concert with an orchestra and just the other day I was listening to Late Orchestration, Kanye West's concert with an orchestra that is only available in England (Again, being able to download music is an amazing thing). But orchestras, when properly organized, give many songs a punch that is not needed, but it is greatly welcomed. It's like when you go out to a bar and find out that the beer you were craving is a special. Oh hey beer, you're gonna cost less tonight even though I would have payed the normal price for you anyway? Well come on over let me get you acquainted with Mr. Liver. I have to warn you, he's been cranky since 2003, but I'm sure you'll be able to hold your own. Down you go.


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