Saturday, October 20, 2007

Just A Few Thoughts

Just A Few Thoughts:

The word ACCESS. What is the deal with you word? You think you can get away with using the letter C in the hard and soft tense while being placed in duplicate in one word? You've got to be kidding me. The letter C pisses me off in general. It's like a pop artist that was brought in just because they could be "marketed." Figure out what you want to sound like already and stop stealing from K and S. Sure you are before them, Carlos Mencia, but just because you are trying to Indian Give the shit out of stuff doesn't make you popular.

I think breaking up with someone that you really have no problems with and are generally not ready for is worse than being dumped. When I think about it, my recent break-up is because of how little time I have for a relationship and not because I "accidentally-banged-a-latino-transvestite-when-all-my-roomates-swore-it-was-you-so-now-I-might-have-AIDS-and-need-t0-break-up-with-you," reason. Reasons like that I can fess up to and realize, "you know what reds, you fucked up and it was your fault." Or break-ups where the girl is a total freak and can't keep her craziness in. Dumping girls like that is like picking between blue berry pancakes and blue berry pop tarts. It's a no brainer. But the ones that are totally no one's fault, the ones that only happened due to bad timing, the ones that end with you finally getting through that stage and ready to settle back down only to find the ex not only more satisfied in life with a new man (who can satisfy her in more ways than you ever could due to a better sense of humor and an extra inch or three) is terrifying. I'm going through that right now and the only real regiment is to work more to justify the move and to eat tons of blueberry pancakes, just because we've already established the glory a BBC can bring a person.

I am sober (no really, I am)

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Jen A. Miller said...

Oh, little brother. Even as you grow up and deal with 'real life issues,' you still manage to write about blueberry pancakes.