Friday, October 19, 2007

The Ultimate Fight

So I took my first mid-afternoon nap for the first time in five weeks and it was everything I thought it'd be. It wasn't the best nap, but I'd place it right between being able to take a warm bath of blueberry syrup with pancakes on hand for dipping and being able to using the Assault course from American Gladiators for shits and giggles (those things may not seem good to you, possibly even weird and disgusting, but then again, I have red hair).

Because of this bliss-filled treat, I am now still wide awake at 3 AM. Since we finally figured out how to hook up our DVD player, I figured I'd pop in a movie. Two movies I've been craving to watch have been two of my all time favorites: Fight Club and American History X. Now while taking my post nap poo (which was also enjoyable) I got to pondering. If they were real life people, who could fuck the other's day up more, Tyler Durden or Derek Vinyard. Then if you think deeper into it, you are judging Edward Norton vs. Edward Norton. Now, I know Brad Pitt played Tyler Durden in the movie, but remember, we are talking about the characters here, and Edward Norton's Character IS Tyler Durden, Brad Pitt is just the figment.

This seems like a no brainer to most due to Fight Club being higher on most guys All Time list than History X. But there a few factors going in here.

1. Derek (Edward Norton in X) is just as (possibly even more ripped) than Tyler (Brad Pitt in Club). Durden was lean and cut, Derek is just straight up jacked. Point Derek.

2. What do the characters stand for? Durden is curb stomping blacks, hispanics and any other non-white race. Durden is against WASP rich folk who run corporate America and the like. No Point: Tie

3. Durden was a leader. Derek seems like one, but in the end he was really brain washed by a really old white southern guy. Point Durden.

4. Derek got ass raped in prison. Durden felt no pain. Point Durden.

5. Durden was a man's man that everyone wanted to be in a non-metrosexual way. Derek was a man's man that only a racist-fat-guy-who-plays-a-bully-in-boy-meets-world and others of the like want to follow. Game, Set Match, Durden.

Those are only 5 points I could think of, and if you (Wiskey or Jen, the only two that I think read this thing) can come up with any others, feel free to put them up. Either way, I think Durden wins, though Derek definitely should get more credit than he deserves.

Anyhoo, I'm going to hope I fall asleep soon while watching X and then I'm gonna get through work and get my drink on the companies dime tomorrow night. And then I'm going to regret using the word Anyhoo. Twice.


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