Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oh, You Want A Bag Of Money? Well Here You Go Ashlee. Ride Those Coat Tails.



I was thinking today while I was in the office for the second straight 12+ hour day, sitting back in my chair thinking of my next evil plan, about how many people get by without really doing anything. To be a musician all you have to do is make cool song titles or know someone who can make you cool song titles. Take Van Morrison for instance. He's got songs like Cyprus Avenue, Astral Weeks, and an album called Avalon Sunset. Now the man is awesome, but if you actually consider who Van Morrison is and listened to his voice, you'll realize he is just a drunk Irish guy with a raspy voice making millions. Hell, give me a bottle of Jameson every night I can (attempt) to do that. Just give me a shot.

Another thing that came to mind while plotting my evil ways are how people my age are WAY more rich than me. Lebron James is only 4 months older than me. Yet he plays sports professionally, has many contracts worth millions of dollars, and has even hosted SNL. I work for sports professionally, have a contract worth 300 bucks a month and have only hosted an annual party that gets rave reviews only past the Bellmawr border, and up here, that's the "wrong" Bellmawr (fuckin' Belmar).

Eh this is just me being a bit frustrated that me working over 12 hours a day pretty much straight isn't producing some moo-lah now while others do relatively little and make tons (or for some who work around me, work relatively little and make the same as me). But, for me, it's hitting the grind stone every day, hoping to find a diamond. I'll find it. But, until then, it's Pearl Jam.


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