Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Many Things

Buckle up boys and girls. This is gonna be a long one (at least I think). Here are a few topics I'd like to discuss, starting with the most exciting.

Pappa Loves Mob-o
So I saw a mob hit/deal go down...atleast I think I did. It had everything in the makings on one: really seedy italian guys with high coat collars, a dock, I definitely saw one of them have a piece, and finally the lonely stranger that got forced into a car that sped up right as he walked passed it and sped off into the night just as fast. This all happened as I was on my way back from a fun day in the City, somewhere I haven't been/remembered being to in quite a long time.

Last time I WAS in the city was for Halloween. From what I remember, which isn't much, was lot of girls with their janglies all hanging out for everyone to see, me getting yelled at for commenting on on girl's janglies (honestly, if they are out, you want people to look at them) and then apparenlty I almost got into a fight with anywhere between 2-6 lesbians, or at least thats what my roomate said. There were thousands of people in the village on Halloween and apparenlty I had my lesbo radar on and just kept running into them. Again, I don't remember said event, but roomate said it was hilarious, so I'm going to take his word.

(come to think of it, he was smashed too. And since we were in the village, we may have just assumed every girl we ran into was an angry lesbian when in reality they were just angry straight girls pissed because two lumps literally ran into them)

Same Name Johnny's
I've realized when I'm watching a show or movie, I like it when the actor's name is the name of the character that he or she is playing. Like in 30 Rock, which I have heavily gotten into in the last few weeks. Tracy Morgan's character is named Tracy. It just makes me feel that these people live the strange lives they have on the show and not some humdrum lives they probably lead involving making the earth green or saving kittens. Tracy Morgan better not be like that. Say it aint so Tracy.

Sweater Savers
One thing I've noticed as winter is upon us is that the cold season is the time for members of the itty-bitty-titty-committee to shine. In the summer, regardless of face and sometimes body type, girls with the big boobies get much of the attention. But in the winter a sweater covers up much. But this is the time for our small boobed friends to shine. Plus winter wear is sexy in a way. I'm not talking about parkas being the new turn on, but I'm saying you don't need to be in a skimpy bikini to look really really nice (but, again, bikini's have the edge).

Also, girls in baseball hats are probably the hottest thing in the world. And that's all I will say on that.

So apparenlty this isn't a long one. I ran out of ideas I was going to talk about. So until I remember/Wiskey reminds me, this is it. Not funny and probably more anoying to read, but I'm pretty tired and I'm about to try to see American Gangster for the 2nd time. The first time the movie cut out half way and they never restarted it. Man I hate Stat Rats.


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