Sunday, December 2, 2007

3 1/2 Posts

The three posts below are real fabrications from my mind at 3 in the morning while working my last night, possibly ever, at the front desk of an extremely gay dorm (30% of the students on campus are males, 50% of them are gay. And stereotypical gay, which is a lifestyle I don’t agree with. Not the fudge packing aspect of the situation, well, I don’t agree with that either if it involves me personally or even having to hear anything near of it. But just how they act in general that they think they are better than everyone and live and die to the viewing schedule of the Hills. Fuck off stereo-gays. And yes, I will definitely rant against that. And yes, I have a few gay friends I enjoy being around, both male and female. But, I don’t like these ones who think they are the next queer eye guys. Woof). Anyhoo, instead of doing one big post, I decided to do separate ones with appropriate titles. What the logic behind this is, I have no idea. But I’m extremely annoyed with these theatre tards and have four more hours on the clock at an utter useless waste of time since I do nothing at the current dorm I am working in. And it’s snowing. And I’m wearing sandals. Yay.

(Editor’s Note: It is now 2 hours after I wrote all these little jiblits and the more I read, the more vulgar I realized I got. So if you don’t like the potty mouth – the two of you out there who may stumble upon this – then you should probably turn around and go back home.)

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