Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ugg Boots = Dirty Snatch

Why are hot girls who are bitches well…..bitches? It immediately brings down their hotness, to the point where I wouldn’t want to saddle up with them if given the chance. There have been three occasions since I’ve been here where a totally slammin bittie introduced herself to me and seemed amazing and then in the course of, on one occasion, 10 minutes, became uglier than an 87 year old crack addict; man or woman. I’m pretty sure they will look the same.

But seriously, what is their problem. At least Ugo’s with a tude have a reason…because they are ugly. But even ugly girls know how to play to whatever advantage they may have by having awesome personalities. That, and a few shots, is what makes them do-able without ridicule later. The difference with them and these annoying hotties is that with more alcoholic drinks, ugos become prettier. The opposite happens with the slam jobs. The more they drink, the more you really want to just kick them in the sausage wallet. There was this one in the exam I proctored who totally ruined the day for me. I mean she was the last to walk in and the one with the most problems ever, even blaming me for a broken pencil. Everyone else was totally cool, swapping stories with me about their drunken tirades throughout their undergrad years. This girl was a total cunt. And I don’t like using that word. It is and seems extremely harsh. But this girl was a cunt. She was complaining that I didn’t have a pencil sharpener, when they are asked to bring one. And went on and on about it. So yea, I almost punched a second girl in the last week.
If you don’t believe me about this, think about this: when you or a friend you know hooks up with a totally hot girl that has a great personality, what is usually the second thing he/you say after spending a quasi-mystical night with her? “yea, and she’s really cool too”, as if to say, yea, hot girls are normally a bitch, but this one is not only got bombs, but she is great on the inside too. This brings forth the notion that most hot girls are bitches, most likely due to the fact that people will give you their pen with a simple lick of the lips, and other things with more provocative acts. That’s ok though. These are the type of people who die with a sagged out vag when they are 80 and poor. Well, most of the time. Or you end up cracked out like Britney Spears with an awkward hymen.

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