Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Few Things

I've had a somewhat spark of creativity lately, so I decided after a few posts tonight, I'll do one of my "few things" posts:

Toke Up, But Not On My TV Time:

So while watching TV today, like I do everyday, I stumbled upon an anti-marijuana commercial where they depicted the guy on weed as depressed and looking like he was going to die of a combination of herpes and aids combined into some sort of whirlwind of an STD that he smoked and is now in his lungs. Have these people ever seen someone on the ganga? My personal experiences are that they are the funniest mo-fo's in the world. They may sit around looking buzzed out of their mind, but I bet these people have never tried hitting the hookah and definitely don't know the feeling one gets when they roll up a fatty and chill back to some Cheech and a lil' Chong. Maybe if they want to scare people about people on weed, they should show someone running around making people laugh, step back into the street and get struck by a car. That might raise some eye-brows (or make a bunch of pot heads watching tv crack up). Or maybe do a commercial about all the other wonders you can buy with the money they spend on weed. That could possibly make a dent. Weed is a drug, but it's not heroin. Stop wasting my tv time anti-hippies of the world. Which leads me to my next topic...

Sorry Johnny, You're Disease Isnt' Worth It:

The more I read the newspaper and watch the seedy tactics by defense attorneyon Law & Order the more I realize that this society is giving every problem someone has a disease. Oh, you got problems concentrating and procrastinating? You have ADD. Here are some extra things to help you conquer this and give you an advantage over normal people. This hatred comes out of the countless hours I've proctored exams during this finals week for people with "learning disabilities." These taint cases get to use everything from an extra hour and a half to even some getting to use computers for their final exams. And if anyone knows how I write, I could have possibly achieved a .3 GPA average higher if I had spell check. I really don't understand what these people's problems are that they have a "learning disability." If anything, if one person gets to use a computer, everyone should. I just can't seem to support certain things like this, including charity causes that don't really raise a single dime for anything. What the hell is the point? You're just wasting your time just like NHL.

John and Joan Cusack:
Stop it.

Magic Pants:

I have magic pants. I have been missing my glasses for possibly upwards of 6 weeks and I pretty much need them when I'm reading, writing, or coloring. I have blamed countless spelling errors and mistakes in publications I've done in that time that its starting to get less believable than trying to take Queen Latifa seriously as an actress. But when I put on my rarely worn pants due to the many holes in them for work today, I discovered my glasses nestled in the cargo pocket of my right pant leg. The thing is even though I rarely wear these pants, I always end up getting something on them whenever I do, so they have been washed at least twice since my missing glasses report was filed. They came out without a scratch on them (or new scratch). I think I can actually see better out of them now than before.

Do you read me:

I haven't figure out how to put a subscribe thing on here, though my sister tried explaining it to me. So if you read this, post on the comments section of this post and say who you are. If you do it anonymously because you don't have a gmail account, just put your name down so I know who you are. I kind of want to know who I'm writing to so I don't (or most likely purposely) offend. That and I'm generally a curious guy.

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